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Q / Is my Stafast Stem losing Air?



I am happy to inform you that the stem is not leaking and performing perfectly. The micro pressure adjusting shock cylinder has a relatively small reservoir that is energized by the supplied pump. Once you pressurize the cylinder to your desired pressure the cylinder is charged to that desired pressure. When you reattach the shock pump again the hose volume is filled with whatever pressure the cylinder was set too. This increased volume results in a pressure drop. The amount of pressure drop will vary by the amount you charge the cylinder too. The more pressure the greater the pressure drop.

So every time you attach the pump you will see a drop in pressure as the hose is filled with the pressure the cylinder is set too. We have cycled tested the Sta-Fast stem over a million times with virtually no leakage in the cylinder. We have found that wide temperature changes can affect cylinder pressure so use in winter to summer or large changes (especially noticeable from hot to cold conditions) the need for adding pressure might exist.


Q / What makes Stafast different from devices developed and sold 20-30 years ago?



Comparing Stafast to rubber snubbers and springs used by previous innovators isn’t like comparing apples to oranges…it’s more like comparing apples to alligators. Completely adjustable compression and rebound from a precision CNC pneumatic cylinder, forged components for eliminating lack of lateral stiffness and 25 degrees of built-in stem adjustability are just some of the important differences Stafast has that its predecessors did not. Earlier manufacturers did the best they could with the technology and techniques available at the time, but Stafast utilizes new engineering and manufacturing methods that were unavailable 20 years ago.


Q / How does Stafast work to dampen the force impact that cycling can have on the rider?



Stafast connects a bicycle’s handlebars with the steering column, replacing the standard stem. When placed in this crucial position, the force that would usually travel through the stem, to the handlebars and to the rider is dampened considerably. This allows cyclists to achieve their peak potential by avoiding the upper body strain that can result from a standard bicycle setup.


Q / What are the materials utilized within the construction of the Stafast component?



Stafast is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and forged from high-strength aluminum alloy 6066T6, all machined components from 6061T6.


Q / What were the factors that inspired Sam and Charlie to develop the Stafast component?



Technology, engineering, and innovations the biking industry has experienced over the last ten years have radically changed the kind of bikes we ride. Existing and evolving markets like road, mountain, cyclo-cross and even fat tire biking have all seen advancements, specifically regarding price and the availability of carbon fiber frames. These frames have become less expensive, lighter, stronger and more compact. However, what these advancements have also caused is greater stress on the rider, who has become the vibration dampener in the riding equation. Stafast is the first product to not only reduce the vibration being absorbed by your body for increased comfort, but also the first to increase the control you have over virtually any surface you ride.

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