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A Better Ride 

Stafast’s force dampening capabilities enable road cyclists to focus on performance instead of resistance. Bikes equipped with Stafast have the ability to deliver results unmodified cycles aren’t built to achieve. Composed of extremely durable lightweight alloys and engineered with road cycling in mind, Stafast is manufactured to handle the impact of both urban pavement and country blacktop.

Stafast for road biking is designed with the unique impacts of street cycling in mind.


adjustable road bike stem


Road biking has changed over the years as racing technology has filtered down to the recreational rider. This shift has resulted in lighter, stiffer frames, better wheel sets, tires, bearings, hardware, brakes and shifters. Frame geometry has also evolved, positioning the rider to reduce aerodynamic drag. In order to support this trend, all industry suppliers are focused on achieving speed through lightweight low friction design, leading to very narrow tires with very high air pressures. This results in an uncomfortable riding position with a high seat and low handlebars, a setup that translates lots of road vibrations directly to the rider. Stafast’s road bike stem is specially tuned to dampen these vibrations to the rider’s arms, providing them with greater control.