StaFast is the one-of-a-kind component that will revolutionize the cycling experience. Constructed from the best, most highly rated materials in strength and corrosion resistance, the demanding applications for which StaFast is designed requires several different manufacturing processes.

For example, the stem itself is made from a 3D forging of the 6066 T6 aluminum alloy, while the cylinder is manufactured by a Swiss CNC machining process with controlled tolerances as precise as two tenths of a thousand to ensure a superior final result.

Two identical parts retain the handlebar itself: the handlebar clamps, which bolt into either a .95 or .105 millimeter stem, and the knuckle, which mounts on the fork. From the knuckle, there is a pneumatic cylinder that has its own blowout. Three fasteners, similar to a joint, are the bottom pins that goes to the bottom of the cylinder. The C joint, located in the middle of stem, has two components: a machine nut and special machine bolts. It’s the same for the B joint, which is the hinge point on the back of the stem that has a B machine nut as well as B machine bolts.

The cylinder, which resides at the bottom (the lower trunion), screws into the piston assembly. Mounted at the bottom of the piston assembly is the Schrader value and the cylinder barrel, followed by the upper cylinder trunion. Finally, there are two nylon bushings on the A, B and C joint. Inside the pneumatic cylinder are a wiper seal and a stationary O ring with two Teflon backup rings and a snubber ring.