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Mountain bikes equipped with Stafast have the capacity to attain faster speeds, provide enhanced comfort and deliver superior results overall. Engineered specifically to combat the stresses of off-road cycling, Stafast components designed for mountain biking are created from carefully selected materials of the highest quality, optimized for use on rugged terrain. Go off the beaten path with confidence, knowing that Stafast is in place to deliver a superior riding experience.

Stafast for mountain bikes is engineered to combat the stresses of off-road cycling.


adjustable mountain bike stem


Stafast was originally developed for road biking use, but the applications for mountain biking quickly became apparent. Many mountain biking enthusiasts remove their suspension systems, and are badly beaten up as a result. A modified version of Stafast was created for off-road riding to combat the impact of rough terrain. The Stafast mountain bike stem component created for mountain cycling incorporates a shorter stem, as the amount of pressure required for a mountain bike’s system is less than what is needed for a road cycle.

The uneven surfaces and rough terrain of off-road biking encourage riders to cut down on additional weight to prevent drag, leading to more control but also greater discomfort. The shorter Stafast mountain bike stem length, engineered for the requirements of mountain biking, allows riders to get rid of extra resistance without sacrificing comfort. Stafast also takes into account the weight savings gained from converting from standard front suspension to rigid forks, and helps riders who have already converted to rigid forks.