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Stafast's customization ability truly shines when applied to the world of specialty biking.


adjustable racing bike stem


Cyclo-cross, or gravel road racing, is a riding style that’s growing in popularity. The bikes used for cyclo-cross activities have their own requirements that are unique to those of road and mountain cycles. Cyclo-cross’s combination of off-road biking and pavement cycling calls for support that overlaps with the requirements of both road and mountain biking while introducing elements found in neither, such as obstacle navigation.

Stafast’s racing bike stem has the ability to be customized for maximum comfort and control truly shines when applied to cyclo-cross riding. Stafast’s adjustment options provide a huge advantage in the varied world of cyclo-cross. The sheer diversity of terrain found in any cyclo-cross course is the perfect opportunity to put Stafast’s adjustable stem to the test, allowing riders to experience how well the component’s superior engineering operates over many different surfaces and situations.