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Step 1

Start by removing the handlebar and existing stem, exposing the steerer tube, compression nut, spacers & headset bearing.

install bike stem

Step 2

Make sure your compression nut can thread for a 6mm bolt.


Step 3

Measure the distance between the top of the steerer tube and the spacers.


Step 4

Adjust the number of spacers so that the measured distance is between 1-1/2 inches and 1-5/8 inches.


Step 5

Place the new Stafast stem onto steerer tube, pushing down with high pressure using your hand.


Step 6

Install the supplied ā€œDā€ washer & 6mm bolt, using enough torque to remove all slack in the assembly.


Step 7

With the front wheel firmly on the ground, apply the front brake. With your right hand feeling the headset bearing for any movement, continue to tighten the bolt, rocking the bike forward & aft until there is absolutely no movement.


Step 8

Align the stem with the front wheel. Using a 4mm Allen wrench, tighten both clamp screws, alternating between them.


Step 9

The unit will arrive fully extended to a positive 25 degrees as indicated. To lower the handlebar, use the wrench provided and turn the cylinder gland counter clockwise (when viewed from above and looking down). The threads are very fine. This procedure can only be done with all of the air pressure released. WARNING: ATTEMPTING TO ADJUST THE HANDLEBAR HEIGHT WITH AIR PRESSURE IN THE CYCLINDER COULD RESULT IN INTERNAL DAMAGE.


Step 10

The unit is supplied with a dedicated pump. Remove the air valve cap & attach the pump to adjust air pressure to customize ride as needed.