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Stafast provides riders with 2 critical elements for a better ride: comfort & control.

Stafast’s adjustable bike stem allows you to operate closer to your maximum potential than other equipment. By both providing cyclists with better control in an ever-changing riding environment and reducing fatigue, more rider inputs are created, allowing bikes to be in constant contact with their riding surfaces.

Achieving the proper stem fit centers around the ability to adjust your bike to match the terrain conditions. The bar height that’s best for long distance rides isn’t as well-suited for training, just as the settings for an intense race are different than those of a pure comfort ride. Stafast is manufactured with 25 degrees of angular adjustment, providing cyclists with a large range of handlebar height adjustment out of the same stem without changing the compressive ability that allows for better control.

Stafast’s bike stem also lets you adjust or change air pressure to optimize your ride. This ability lets cyclists modify pressure for different riding conditions or objectives, making the transition from boulders to washboards much smoother. Even for road riding, tailoring pressures for different hand positions on your bars can provide you with a more customized riding experience.



Full suspension cycle technology has dominated the market for the last decade. Every pedal stroke a biker takes loses part of its power to these systems, which add an additional weight factor in the area of three to four pounds. Many bikers are moving away from full suspension into solid suspension technology. Stafast aims to cover 80 to 90% of the suspension cyclists need without the excess weight or energy loss associated with full suspension, and allows them to adjust the stem’s air pressure to their preferred setting for maximum optimization.

Stafast reduces fatigue & allows bikes to be in constant contact with the surfaces they ride on.


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Even avid cyclists can have their performances affected by inferior equipment. Fortunately, Stafast makes it easy for riders to find their perfect setting with its completely customizable bicycle stem. Apply as much or as little pressure as needed, and Stafast will provide the perfect fit for you.

Composed of premium materials selected with fit and durability in mind, our aluminum bike stem employs extremely strong yet lightweight elements. The high level of corrosion resistance made possible by the superior aluminum alloys guarantees quality that lasts. Replacing a standard bicycle stem with Stafast decreases upper body strain dramatically; and unlike the shock systems that are central parts of many bicycles, Stafast lessens impact without sacrificing performance.