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Behind the Technology

The Pinnacle


The technology utilized by Stafast is the best in the industry, meeting or exceeding all known standards.

Stafast is a one-of-a-kind product that requires precise engineering and high-grade materials to achieve the singular results it provides. The demanding applications for which Stafast is designed call for several different manufacturing processes. The stem itself is made from the 3D forging of aluminum alloy 6066T6, while the cylinder is manufactured via a Swiss CNC machining process with controlled tolerances as precise as two tenths of a thousand.



A notable aspect of Stafast is its superior torsional stability due to the high-grade materials used in its construction. Riders are given more control over their cycling experience, thanks to the greater accuracy provided by Stafast’s refined technology. When your bike hits a rough patch, Stafast’s high-quality construction can mean the difference between a safe ride and one that results in injury.

Stafast’s materials have the best ratings in strength & corrosion resistance.




From top to bottom, there is no other product on the market like Stafast. The technology incorporated within Stafast’s construction is the best available, meeting or exceeding all known standards. Swiss CNC machining technology, as opposed to standard numerical engineering, is used to achieve greater precision, while 3D forging is employed to create Stafast’s components. This attention to detail results in a higher-grade final product that leads to better performance results.

Stafast is the creation of Sam Kovalak, a former sign maker, and Charlie Brickey, a business owner. Biking together for over 20 years has allowed the duo to develop the extensive knowledge of cycling that informs Stafast’s force dampening system. Using their engineering experience, Sam and Charlie developed Stafast to provide cyclists with a greater degree of control than ever before. Sam’s experience as an engineer at the University of Michigan also gives him a deep knowledge of various aluminum alloys and their properties. While the alloys used for Stafast are embraced by the biking world, Sam’s unparalleled understanding of their properties help the component perform as effectively as it does.