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Stafast is the force dampening bike stem that allows cyclists to achieve peak performance levels. Our adjustable stem helps riders attain faster speeds while enjoying enhanced comfort. Engineered to perfection, Stafast is composed of materials selected with fit and durability in mind, including fasteners constructed from high-grade stainless steel and black oxide coating, forgings from high strength aluminum alloy 6066T6 and machined components from 6061T6. By replacing a standard bike stem with Stafast, strain on the upper body is decreased dramatically; and unlike other dampening components, our bicycle stem lessens impact without sacrificing performance.

Whether you’re on a hundred mile ride, or for testing your limits on off-road terrain, your cycling experience will be forever improved with Stafast.

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Stafast provides more comfortable rides, allowing cyclists a greater degree of control than ever before.


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Peak Potential 

Stafast connects a bicycle’s handlebars to the steering column, replacing the standard stem. When placed in this position, the force that usually travels through the stem is dampened considerably, allowing cyclists to avoid the upper body strain that can result from a standard setup. Stafast also lets users adjust the height and air pressure of the stem to create an optimized ride. A greater height provides riders with a more comfortable experience, while a lower height gives them greater speed.